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Förslaget inkom 2011-10-31

A gps-based and wireless 3-dimensional sound effect system

We are looking to develop a realistic urban combat environment for training purposes. To achieve this we are going to focus on creating a 3 dimensional sound effect system. This will consist of a touch pad controller capable of controlling two sound systems, one being a 9 point large scale speaker system and the other being a multi function head set.

The controller itself should use one of the modern touch pad interfaces(ie. Android OS). The idea is that on the screen you will see the training area mapped out and be able to choose for example the sound of a black hawk helicopter to fly over head from one point to another. It should be as simple as choosing helicopter from the list of effects then selecting the points to fly over, then hitting play. We would then here the sound of a helicopter flying over head across our 9(?7.1) point surround sound system. If you select explosion then the type and size of explosion, then the location of the explosion and hit play it should be easily recognizable which area the sound came from to someone on another end of the course.

The controller should also be adapted to control a wireless headset we are looking to develop. The headset will relay several key points of information to the controller or central hub. Lets say the soldier is facing west wall on the third floor of an apartment building. Outside one block away there is gun fire on the street directly south of the soldier. The headset should identify that the soldiers head is facing to the west and simulate the sound of gun fire outside and to the left of the soldier. This would be quite different than hearing someone shooting a gun in the room directly left of the soldier so providing an accurate location of the soldier is key with this system.

This project will require development in both software and hardware, and can be broken down into several sub projects. Below you can find a break down of 3 systems, these should however be developed so the final result is 1 complete system.

Wireless Headset
It must be able to accurately relay a soldiers position and provide sound effects based on where the soldier is standing and which way the soldiers head is facing.
It must be able to detect the soldiers movement on the fly, even when the soldier is sprinting or hiding behind cover.
The system should be integrated into the already existing ear protection system currently used by soldiers.
It must able to provide simulated surround sound for effects such as loud gun fire and explosions but also be able to simulate quiet footsteps and chatter in a subsequent room.
The device must be able to pick up a signal through walls and surrounding buildings. This may be achieved through multiple transmitters and receivers throughout the course.
The headsets will be connected via a central hub and controlled with software allowing for placement of effects in various locations on the fly.


Touch Pad Controller

Must be as simple as selecting the category(Helicopter, Land Vehicle, Explosion, Gunfire etc.) then selecting the type/size of the effect, then selecting the entry point and exit point if its a vehicle, or the point/floor level of the explosion/gunfire and pressing play.
Must be able to control both a head set and a 9 point speaker system, independent of each other or along with.
Must be able to be adapted to different courses using an editor tool not unlike one you would use to design a map in a modern video game.
The device will send its commands to a central hub that connects amplifiers to the speaker system.
You must associate this with either a 3D driving system such as described in the following publication or a system of you own.
The system must be adapted to control a 9 point surround system as described below.
This must be able to control both the 9 point surround system and the headsets at the same time. For instance if we wanted to cue an explosion on the surround system and have that followed by screams on the headset. This should either be an option selected in one of the sub categories as “explosion with screams” or may be solved with adding an option to add it to a “play all at once” list.
You should also be able create a play list allowing for the effects to be played one after the other.

9 point overhead speaker system

This speakers for this are very large and very heavy, they will be used to simulate the sound of a real explosion. The support structure for the speakers needs to be very sturdy, able to hold the speakers 3(?) stories in the air without worry of them falling over, but also be as unintrusive as possible to the training course.
This system needs to be able to play sounds apart from the headset system while being controlled via the same touch pad controller.


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