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Förslaget inkom 2007-03-22

IKEA: Research into environmentally friendly pesticide

IKEA wants to be known as the good company taking responsibility for our products, for working conditions in factories as well as for forests and the environment. Our customers shall feel safe when using our products and they have the right to know what the products contain. By providing healthy products – good and clean – and by taking responsibility for how the products are produced, we will contribute to building trust in the IKEA brand name and to creating even better business for our suppliers and for IKEA.

Global Trade may sometimes lead to stowaways like bugs. The result could be damaged goods and/or negative impacts on the importing country’s agriculture, forestry or environment, and disappointed customers, of course.

To prevent this from happening pesticides are used in the supplying countries. In Asia, Methyl Bromide is still permitted and currently used for this purpose.
Methyl Bromide is a highly toxic and ozone-depleting substance which in accordance with the Montreal protocol will be phased out globally until 2015.

In IKEA a project is currently running with the following goals
• Create and implement working routines throughout IKEA supply chain to reduce the need of chemicals like Methyl Bromide.
• Secure the current handling of chemicals that still have to be used.
• Search for and/or develop a technology that has as little negative impact as possible for humans and the environment.

Assignment description
• Do researches for new technologies, for example through the Internet, Universities etc. on an international level.
• Through cooperation with the Project Manager go further with the selected alternatives.
• Assist in the tests of the alternatives.

Requirement specification:
We seek a student interested in environmental engineering. Chemical competence is a merit.

Contact person:
Student Coordinator Linda Persson Tel. 0476-58 78 46
Mail: [email protected]

Apply by entering your CV and a personal letter by using the recruitment tool that can be found on IKEA:s homepage: http://www.ikea.se . State also the reasons why you would like to do your exam paper together with IKEA.


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